Non-Skating Members


Amelia Diehard — Official Cogeco Broadcast Co-Host
Derby number: 30

Favourite Colour: Magenta
Favourite Movie: Funny Face
Favourite Snack/Treat: Dr. Pepper
Zodiac Sign: Aries, moon in Scorpio
Significance of Number: 30 was my smash-up derby number.



Jaxalottapuss — Official Floor Announcer

Significance behind derby name: wanting to use Jax and my love for women.
Favourite post practice snack: steak and beer
First derby crush: Dust Bunny and Nameless Whorer
If you could have super power which one would you chose: Super strength


Miracle Whip #32F

Miracle Whip #32f




Cosmic Clover

Cosmic Clover