Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

Skaters must complete and submit the Leave of Absence Request Form to the Executive Committee when requiring an extended period off skates. This policy outlines the types of LOAs available and the expectations of Skaters while on leave.

    1. Leave of Absence

      1. Any absence from active skating exceeding 30 days is considered a leave.  Failure to request a leave from the the Governing Board in writing will result in the member entering the Disciplinary Process
        1. You must contact the BOD directly to request a leave.  The request must be made in writing, on paper or electronic so there is a record.
      2. Failure to attend without approval from the Governing Committee will be recorded on the Skater’s Attendance Record and may impact their Good Standing, or to be granted a renewal if circumstances require further Personal Leave.
      3. A Leave of Absence request may not be made retroactively.
      4. Upon return from any leave, a skater must pass a Safety Assessment before joining full contact play.


  • Injury Leave


        1. Injury Leave is intended to allow a skater who is physically unable to skate to pay reduced fees
        2. The Governing Board may request a Skater submit a letter from their physician regarding the injury.
        3. The Governing Board may require a physician’s letter declaring the Skater medically fit before allowing them to return to practice.
        4. Sensitive health information will be kept in confidence by Coaching Staff and Executive Members.
        5. A member on Injury Leave may maintain their Good Standing if all requirements are met and accumulate points towards rostering


  • Personal Leave of Absence


        1. Personal Leave is intended to allow a skater to maintain their membership while they are unable to attend League events.
        2. While on a Personal Leave a member will pay reduced fees as established in the League Policy Document.
        3. While on a Personal Leave a skater’s Good Standing status is suspended and they may not accumulate points towards rostering
        4. Upon return from a Personal Leave a skater’s Good Standing status and points accumulation privileges are automatically restored
        5. If a member requires a leave exceeding 12 weeks they will be required to leave the League and may re-enter as a transfer skater at a later time.
        6. Skaters requesting a Personal Leave of Absence must submit a written letter attached to the “Leave of Absence Request Form” if the reason for the request impacts the Skater’s ability to attend league events.


  • Leave Dues


      1. Skaters who are on leave will pay $5 for each full month they are on leave.
      2. Any month in which a skater attends one or more practices and has attendance for those practices count the skater will pay full dues.

Vacation Requests

Skaters are asked to complete the “Vacation Request” Section on the “Leave of Absence Request Form” and submit the form to the Executive Committee as soon as possible when absence from league events is due to vacation as a courtesy to the League. Completing this section assists the Executive Committee in scheduling league events and helps coaches plan practices. Failure to submit the Vacation Request may impact the Skater’s ability to be rostered for upcoming games. Skaters are expected to pay full dues for the period of absence due to vacation.

Find the Leave of Absence Form here.