Player Conduct and Safety

From the Area 705 / PRD consolidated league constitution. Copied April 17, 2015. Any newer Code of Conduct documents take precedence over this. Members are responsible for accessing the most uptodate documentation possible.
8. Code of Conduct

8.1. Player Code of Conduct

8.1.1. Players are expected to play an active part in ensuring the success of the League and Team. This includes: Creating a positive environment. Developing positive relationships with team mates. Meeting attendance requirements. Following the directions of coaches. Working toward team goals. Players are expected to work with coaches and teammates to reach team goals.

8.1.3. Players are expected to arrive on time and be prepared for practices and games. It is the responsibility of every player to communicate to the coach any delay in arrival time or absence in advance.
8.1.4. Everyone benefits from respectful communication. Players will refrain from using foul language, shouting, or inappropriate gestures when speaking with teammates, coaches, officials or referees.
8.1.5. Players will not consume drugs or alcohol prior to skating which may cause harm to the individual skater or others on the track.
8.1.6. Players will refer to the Conflict Resolution document and follow the process outlined to resolve any issues
8.1.7. No player shall engage in any activity that undermines the ability of any player to develop skills or enjoy the sport of roller derby. Harassment will not be tolerated.
8.1.8. Players will conduct themselves in a sportspersonlike manner during practices and during games. Always be mindful that an individual player’s behaviour will have an impact on the team and league. Play fairly and within the rules. Respect the final decisions of officials. Honour opponents and positively recognize their efforts. Treat
spectators and venues in a courteous manner.

8.2. Safety

8.2.1. Players will take an active role in reducing the risk of injury to self and others. This includes, but is not limited to: Maintaining personal physical fitness. Following the directions of coaches, trainers, and referees. Learning and following the rules. Wearing proper safety equipment. Reporting any potential hazard to player safety.

8.2.2. Players will wear an approved helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and mouth guards at all times in the proper manner. Players must ensure that all equipment is in good repair and is the proper fit. Players are expected to replace damaged safety equipment as needed.
8.2.3. Players must also have current CRDi Insurance in order to participate in practices and games.
8.2.4. Players will learn and follow the rules of the game and must pass the Minimum Skill Testing Requirements before participating in any games.
8.2.5. Players are encouraged to ask for accommodation at practices if a injury or health condition may impact ability to participate safely or maintain skill and fitness levels. Please speak to the Head Coach about your needs to develop a plan. All personal health information will be kept confidential by the Head Coach.
8.2.6. Use of drugs or alcohol while skating is strictly prohibited. Players experiencing side effects from prescription medication are expected to gauge their ability to safely participate in practices. Any player suspected of being under the influence of an intoxicant will be ejected from the track.
8.2.7. Failure to comply with the Skater Code of Conduct or Safety Policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the League.

I have read the Code of Conduct, I understand its content and I agree to abide by its guidelines in all my actions with the League. I understand that failure to meet the expectations of this Code of Conduct will result in the League entering me in the  Conflict Resolution and Disciplinary Action process and I may be subject to  consequences up to and including expulsion from the League.

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