Player Conduct and Safety

From the Peterborough Area Roller Derby league constitution. Copied Dec 18, 2017. Any newer Code of Conduct documents take precedence over this. Members are responsible for accessing the most uptodate documentation possible.
8. Code of Conduct

I have read the Code of Conduct, I understand its content and I agree to abide by its guidelines in all my actions with the League. I understand that failure to meet the expectations of this Code of Conduct will result in the League entering me in the  Conflict Resolution and Disciplinary Action process and I may be subject to  consequences up to and including expulsion from the League.

Code of Conduct

  • All league members and anyone who participates in League events are expected to represent the league as a good member of the community by the following guidelines.


  • Respect
    • Refrain from use of insulting, belittling or foul language.
    • Support an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and belonging for all participants
    • Listen to others and communicate with courtesy
    • Abide by the decisions of Coach and Captains


  • Responsibility
    • Fulfil duties in a timely manner to the best of your ability
    • Make every reasonable effort to attend events as promised, including practices for skaters


  • Unity
    • Act to the benefit of the League before the benefit to one’s self
    • Represent the League positively when interacting with others


  • Virtue in Sport
    • Follow the rules of play
    • Be generous in victory and dignified in defeat
    • Abide by the decisions of officials


  • Safety
    • Safety is the primary concern for all participants at League events and individuals are expected to act in accordance.
    • When on skates, participants will
      • Have passed a skills test appropriate to their level of participation
      • use all safety equipment required by current WFTDA rules and the League insurer
      • be sober
        • If a skater is suspected of being under the influence, the Coach, Captains, Referee or other authority in the League may require that skater to cease skating
      • assess their own health and only skate when capable
      • Have current insurance


  • Safety Assessments
    • The Board of Directors will assign a committee the power to require any skater to pass a Safety Assessment. Should a skater fail the Safety Assessment, their skating privileges will be restricted to ensure their safety and that of fellow skaters.
    • The Board of Directors will assign a committee to design the Safety Assessment. The assessment will be reviewed at least once per year and modified as needed to meet the changing demands of roller derby as an evolving sport.

Peterborough Area Roller Derby.  Revised Nov 2017

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