Fresh Meat

Roller Derby 101/201!

Come join the PARDy!

Our Fresh Meat courses have intakes in September and in January,  that will run for 12 weeks. We will teach you the basics of roller skating and derby play getting you well on your way to actualizing your inner derby athlete.  This  session will be a  refresher for returning skaters, and an opportunity for the completely Fresh.  We’re also inviting junior skaters to join us at this time!

Interested?  Have questions?   Contact us through our facebook page.
At Meat & Greet sessions you will have a chance to meet and talk to the league members about all things derby, have your questions answered, buy some league merchandise and learn what you need to be fully geared up for roller derby.

The Roller Derby 101 is $150 plus $30 for insurance, which is due at the Meat & Greet sessions. We accept cash, cheque -made out to Peterborough Area Roller Derby, or e-transfer -which can be sent to (using the password rollerderby) Insurance is paid directly to WFTDi and the forms for that can be found on their website We will also have them at the Meat & Greet sessions.

Tell all your friends! Hope to see you there!

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A little about safety and equipment:

Roller derby is a full contact sport and we want you to be as safe as possible. Mandatory equipment is required to participate in practices. We’ve put together a list of the equipment required to make your shopping easier, and suggested a few items that you might want to think about.



  • Helmet – Your helmet must not be too loose or too snug. It must fit snugly on your head and the best helmet to get should be made for multiple impacts.
  • Mouth guard – Often, when you first purchase your equipment, a boil and bite mouth guard comes with the package. These are pretty uncomfortable, but they’re good until you can get a fitted mouth guard. Check out mouth guard clinics or go to your dentist to purchase a sport mouth guard.
  • Elbow Pads – Standard in every Freshie Package.
  • Wrist Guards – Choose wrist guards suitable for roller derby.
  • Knee Pads – Not just mandatory, they’re essential for safety and to prevent roller derby’s most common injuries. Choose knee pads built for derby. Fresh Meat packages offer adequate knee pads, but if you already experience knee problems, you may want to consider upgrading.
  • Quad Skates – Most players choose a derby style skate over an old school boot style. Either will do, but take your time and select a skate that suits your feet and budget!


  • Padded Bum Shorts
  • Shin Pads
  • Knee Gasket

Wish List:

  • Wheel upgrade
  • Outdoor wheels and bearings
  • Skate and bearing tools for cleaning and repairs
  • Fishnets and Funky Socks
  • Gear Deodorizer


In order to play roller derby, you must have roller derby insurance. You can get your insurance here: Women’s Flat Track Derby Insurance (WFTDi)
Make sure you choose Peterborough Area Roller Derby. You will also need to be able to do an email transfer or use paypal to pay for this $30.00 insurance.  ($30 purchases three months of insurance, intended to cover you during your Fresh Meat training.  If, at the end of training, you want to continue playing Roller Derby, you will need to purchasea full year’s insurance at $55.)

Register now by filling out this form.  Your registration will not be complete until you have made your $150 payment.  You may pay by cheque made out to Peterborough Area Roller Derby or send an e-transfer to