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April 2024

Trent Arthur

“Skate Hard, Hit Hard”: A Conversation with the Peterborough Area Roller Derby Team


PARD skaters sitting on bench while Coach Dawesome guestures with arms.  Credit Cliff Skarstedt, Peterborough Examiner, July 2023.
Peterborough Area Roller Derby (PARD) players and coaches host Jeo-PARDy in Game 1 against Royal City Roller Derby played at Douro Community Centre on Saturday, July 22, 2023 in Douro-Dummer Township, Ont.



August 2023

Nat and Sarie join Global’ Tricia Mason to talk Derby and PARD’s final home game of 2023 

July 2023 

Peterborough Examiner

Peterborough Area Roller Derby returns to the track in Douro.

Peterborough Currents

Peterborough’s Area Roller Derby competes this weekend with world ranking points on the line

July 2022

Roller derby returns to Peterborough area after a pandemic hiatus

June 2022

Peterborough Area Roller Derby returns for the first time since pandemic began

March 2022

Roller derby will bounce back, skates are already hitting the track: Peterborough edition


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