September 10th, 2022: PARD v KRD (photography: Darren Stehr)

June 18, 2022: PARD Black & White Scrimmage (photography: Darren Stehr)

June 18, 2022: PARD v ORD (photography: Darren Stehr)

March 2020: DRRD v PARD

May 2017:  Pivot Of Oz.  Photo credit to Scott Tromley

Riverside Riot Squad vs. GTAR Derby Debutantes

2017 Promo shoots Photo Credit Heather Doughty Photography : click to view



Spring Fling May 23, 2015: Area 705 / PRD vs Stratford’s Decapulettes

Photos by Simon Spivey — please be sure to credit him for any sharing! thx!

May 17, 2014
Smooth Operators vs. Grey Bruce Highland Dames

Photos by Joe Mac & Simon Spivey

August 4th, 2013
Smooth Operators vs Woodstock Warriors

Random Derby Love

Wolf Stock 2013 Car Show