School of Hard Blocks Report

We had such an amazing day!

First, TVCogeco came to cover our game. This was pretty exciting for us, and we were able to have this happen thanks to our media sponsor, Ashburnham Ale House. We’ve been at bouts where this has taken place, but for them to cover our game and our July 26th game – sweet!! After the lights, camera and action were all set up, Andrea Horwath, the NDP leader came to say hello and blow the 5 second whistle!

unicorn-andreaThe first game was between the Atom Smashers and the Dollinquents. It was a tight game with both teams playing hard. The score was 131-118 for the Dolls.

atom-dollNext up was the Smooth Operators versus Grey Bruce’s Highland Dames. They beat our pants off, but in two weeks we’ll have a chance to up the score! We’re not devastated – everyone had a great time and that’s what’s important!

operators-greybruceWe had tons of food. Like, tons.

Black Honey was there to sell their sweets and sandwiches. They even had to send more food to the game!

BE Catering provided food for our refs and NSO’s. They also provided food for each team after their games. It was amazing. We still had food left over that we brought to the after party at BE at the Trend, which next time, we’ll have better directions for…it is so casual and cozy there, but it’s hidden away in the centre of a Trent residence campus and we want all who want to join us to find it!

If you weren’t able to come see our game in person, TVCogeco will be airing our games Wednesday, May 21st and Thursday May 23rd. Our team will be at Champs on Simcoe street watching it together! Check their schedule to see additional times.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and fans for supporting us!! Special thanks to all who helped make this event happen. We appreciate it more than words can say.

*Photos by Joe Mac and Amelia Diehard