The 2018 Season is all ready to be announced, but we’re stuck on names for our home bouts, May 26 & June 16!

Suggest a name or theme for our bouts and the chosen name will win a super rad prize, either tickets to one of the games or a credit for our merch! Put your suggestion below or PM us. Keep it family friendly  

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS APRIL 6!  Enter by clicking the paragraph above and going straight to our facebook post, or follow us on Instagram.  Or just send us some cool carrier pigeons and/or telepathic messages.   Messages encoded into fortune cookies or filled donuts might be an idea as well.  Whatever works for you.

Name That League Contest!

Who wants the chance to win cool stuff ?

You do, and here’s how you can:

We have aname that leaguen exciting season of derby ahead of us this year! Exciting seasons mean exciting contests!! With the recent merge between Area 705 and Peterborough Roller Derby Leagues we find ourselves needing a new league name. That’s where YOU come in! We need your help naming our brand new league.

The “Name This League” Contest starts now! We will be accepting name suggestions until midnight, July 31st, 2015. At that time the members of Area 705/Peterborough Roller Derby will vote for their favorite. The winning name will be announced at our Season Closer Bout on August 22nd.

To Enter: Simply comment or email us through our website or facebook, or better yet visit the Area 705/Peterborough Roller Derby merchandise booth at our home bouts on May 23 and June 20 at the Douro Community Center. It is that easy.

You can’t have a contest without a prize! The winner will receive a league t-shirt displaying our brand new league name and logo, as well as a set of Seasons tickets for all our home bouts for the 2016 Season. And.. you’ll be the coolest cat in town.

Now …. GO!