2019 Coaching Team Revealed!

PARD is pleased to announce our 2019 coaching staff dream team!
Head Coach: Pip
Blocker Coach: Saria Stark
Jammer Coach: Stevie Stitches.

Looking forward to a season of hard work and team development! ? (photo credits to the awesome Simon Spivey)



Cell Block Tango Results — PARDy for the win!

Great Home Season closer on Sept 27 for PARD with a victory over Lindsay Roller Derby’s Repeat Offenders.  Thanks for all the support from fans, sponsors, coaches, refs, NSO’s and venue staff and management!  We couldn’t do it without you!

Final score was 245 to 69 for the Riverside Riot Squad. Riot Squad MVP Jammer went to Pippa “Gwen of Fear” and MVP Blocker to league co-president Julie “Car on Fyre”.  Fan Favourite MVP for the Riot Squad was Bailey “Catalina Wine Mixer”.

The Riverside Riot Squad’s next bout is in Kitchener on Sept 10 against the Royal City Roller Girls out of Guelph.


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